Full Practice Authority and Responsibility

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At the request of the AAPA Board of Directors and House of Delegates, the Joint Task Force on the Future of PA Practice Authority is working to develop a new AAPA policy proposal for consideration at the May 2017 House of Delegates meeting.

The task force believes that AAPA policy should:

  • Emphasize the PA profession’s continued commitment to team-based practice.
  • Support the elimination of provisions in laws and regulations that require a PA to have and/or report a supervisory, collaborating or other specific relationship with a physician in order to practice.
  • Advocate for the establishment of autonomous state boards, with a voting membership comprised of a majority PAs, to license, regulate, and discipline PAs.
  • Ensure that PAs are eligible to be reimbursed directly by public and private insurance

To learn more about the issue and the task force proposal, please review the information below.  The task force welcomes your feedback via email (fparfeedback@aapa.org) or on Huddle.


The Joint Task Force has closed the FPAR survey (February 1, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET) and the results are being tabulated.  The FPAR report will be available on the AAPA News Center at the end of February. If you have additional questions or would like to provide feedback about full practice authority and responsibility, please email fparfeedback@aapa.org.