Member Comments from OAPA Regarding the Proposed PANRE Model



Not perfect, but much better than what we currently have. Curious as to the variety of specialty exams.

Overall, I think it is a positive move.

Joe Piccione, PA-C


Hi Susan,

I hope you are doing well.

I am not in favor of the new PANRE model.  First, I believe NCCPA should be more specific about the frequency, cost, and time burden of the general home exams before asking our opinion.  It is hard to give feedback when we do not have that information.  Secondly, I like that the CAQ exams are currently optional.  Requiring specialty exams in addition to general exams seems burdensome for a general certification credential.  Also, having a small number of specialty exams means that the exams will not pertain to the specific practice of many PAs.  It appears the new PANRE model will cost PAs more time and money without proven benefit.

Thank you,

Amber Drennen


When I was a PA student, one of the founders of AAPA spoke to our class.  Asked about recertification, he replied that the original reason for recert was to give credibility to what at the time was a new type of professional.  He further stated that he felt that, given the longevity of the PA profession by then (late 90’s), that recert by exam was outdated and merely a “cash cow” for the NCCPA.

There is a seeming desperation to NCCPA on this volatile topic, evidenced by yet another proposal for changes.  My personal bias on the subject is shaped by over 12 years in Interventional Radiology, doing image-guided invasive procedures such as lung, liver, and kidney biopsies, tunneled catheters, abscess drainage, etc.  What counted was not the score on my last PANRE (which contained no IR questions at all) but my competence at hitting a tiny lesion in the middle of a moving lung, for instance. Just as important was knowing when to say that the risk/benefit ratio of the procedure was not favorable to the patient; in other words, knowing when to say no.

No amount of PANRE study has had any bearing on the fact that, to date, I have never had to bear the loss of a patient’s life as a direct result of an invasive procedure that I performed. My training and CME were at the hands of IR docs and national SIR conventions, both of which were THE major influences on my being regarded as damn good at IR.

It must also be noted that PA’s can and do move from one medical speciality to another; hence re-training and CME are a natural part of the PA career.

I am now in a new position in an ICU setting and, to put it bluntly, I am “CME’ing” like crazy, NOT because of any external requirements from ANYBODY but because I am a professional whose competence has a direct impact on patients and their loved ones.  I need no external influence to motivate me; if I did, I would have no business being a PA.

My money is better spent on CME targeted to PRECISELY what I’m doing NOW rather than meeting some arbitrarily determined requirement from an outside organization.  The organization that should have the most external influence on my work should be my employer. I don’t work for NCCPA, I work for my patients, through my employer.

As a professional, my discipline is supposed to come from within, not from without.  As an ex-U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, I am long used to holding myself accountable.

Give me the PANCE at the beginning, definitely.  After that, treat me like an adult and a professional.  Require me to log CME so that those who don’t hold themselves accountable can be weeded out; I want that; it keeps me from having to work with charlatans and bear the consequences of their actions on my title and reputation.

But let me spend my money toward the CME that is pertinent at the point of care.

The evidence base for that would seem to be rather a no brainer.

Michael Thayer PA-C
Yukon OK



I think the PANRE proposal is absolutely ridiculous and puts more pressure on us by taking more exams. The take at home exam is fine, however, making us take a speciality exam on top of that is worthless and is the NCCPA’s way of getting more money from us. Their recertification process makes me wish I went to medical, NP, or pharmacy school in which none of this garbage is necessary.  Don’t even get me started on their self-assessment CMEs. It’s all about that almighty dollar.


Sean George