To NCCPA From a PA in Dermatology

I have been practicing dermatology continuously for almost 26 years. I have no intention of changing specialties. I saw your email re: recertification. Why can’t we take exams only when we wish to change fields of practice? If I were to decide to work in neurology I would have a lot of material to review before working with patients. Taking an exam in neurology at that time would demonstrate my core knowledge. Taking the current recertification exam where around 4% is dermatology is ridiculous. I haven’t used a stethoscope in 26 yrs. I am not interested in reviewing EKGs, again it has been 26 yrs. Memorizing current vaccine schedules, why? If I need that info I will look it up. My supervising physician is not required to take recertification exams. My knowing which is the best treatment for prostate cancer, an MI, etc. will not help my patients.

I do believe the further out one is from graduating the more CME that should be required. This would help keep PAs current.

I have taken the pathway 2 exam 3 times and did very well. How many times must I demonstrate core knowledge?

I have sent my opinions to the NCCPA as well.

I hope we can find a way to make recertification less of a burden and more of a learning experience.