To NCCPA From a PA in Florida

Dear NCCPA committee,

I have been a Paramedic, RN, and now a PA for over 13 years . None of my other professions required me to recertify, and I have never committed malpractice. I have, in fact, received multiple  Phoenix awards in recognition for successfully resuscitating a patients who were clinically dead while working as a paramedic.

As a PA I have been recognized for my exceptional care and received numerous awards for my care of critical care patients. Having these experiences I decided to carefully examine and I reviewed the literature cited by NCCPA as the foundation for their recertification proposal. I read and I completely agree with AAPA’s conclusion recently submitted to NCCPA. There’s no evidence provided that recertification testing has an impact on patient safety or patient outcomes. In fact, there’s actual evidence that active-learning CME is superior to passive-learning CME. For this reason I have chosen not to complete my recertification process in objection and my disagreement with NCCPA’s practices. I believe that this is about money and power and not safety. I truly believe that you will not listen to us!

The new model, as proposed, would add another layer of undue burden on PAs, employers, and the health care system overall. This will negatively impact all PAs. There is no research that PA recertification exams have a positive impact on patient safety, outcomes or satisfaction. I strongly believe that competency is better judged at the practice level.

Please note that lawyers do not recertify and our justice system is fine. Certified public accountants do not recertify and our taxes get done and there is not financial harm to the community. Architects and engineers build structures that are a mile high and their calculations are correct. Pharmacists also have no recertification process and patients receive millions of prescriptions without issue .

So please tell me where NCCPA finds data that taking a test will better serve the public? The only one better served will be NCCPA by filling their pockets with our money.