To NCCPA From a PA in Pennsylvania

I am opposed to the proposed changes to the PANRE. I don’t feel that it adequately tests our patient care ability any more than the current model. I think a self-assessment or case-based approached would be more beneficial.  It will take more time away from patient care or family time and possibly cost more money than what is currently in place. I haven’t even transitioned into the new CME requirements yet. Getting used to that plus a new recertification model is unnecessary and confusing. I am opposed to CAQs and do not appreciate a move away from a generalist approach. I do specialize but do want to end up losing the generalist knowledge and flexibility.

The argument we would have more relevant timed testing is flawed. My specialty is not included and I would still have to take a test not relevant to my day to day practice and experience. Might as well just do what I’m doing now every 10 years and not have to have the added requirements. If the NCCPA feels CME that isn’t interactive has little impact on patient outcomes or improvements in practice behaviors, then why would CME be the remediation for those  not scoring well enough? This is contradictory. Again, I am opposed to these changes.