To NCCPA From a PA in Wisconsin


It is very distressing to have NCCPA look at yet another version of certification hoops for PAs.

Here was my feedback to them on a recent survey:

“This feels like a money-making proposal for NCCPA.  More tests for PAs to pay for – less CME dollars, equals loss for practicing PAs. You don’t have exams for all practices – creating a gap in the system. The foundation of the PA profession is great general medicine knowledge – we are weaker if we are broken into subspecialties. We need to remain united with general medicine – it is important for current and future mobility within the profession. This design is a mistake!  Feels like NCCPA will always be looking for ways to change certification, to pad its pockets. Stop this now. We are jumping enough hoops.”

It is my expectation that AAPA starts to engage and be the voice of practicing PAs. We do not need more testing to validate our profession – we continue to do so each and every year as practicing professionals. Setting high expectations for PA admissions to programs, having a strong initial test and having outstanding AAPA CME offerings make us an enviable profession. This makes us better – not more testing by NCCPA.