To NCCPA From a PA in Dermatology

I recently completed the survey that was emailed to me. Unfortunately, I feel that the survey was not an adequate assessment of my true opinion about the proposed changes! I have been a dermatology PA for over 14 years.  I feel that NCCPA will be spending too much money and too much time trying to come up with specialty exams and change the format.  You would think that as a specialized PA that I would support a dermatology exam but I AM AGAINST THESE SPECIALTY EXAMS. There was NEVER a problem with the PANRE and the Pathway II options. PA’s need to keep their knowledge up in general medicine and the way the testing was prior to the most recent changes ensured that we were challenged. I am against more frequent testing and support going back to the eight-year cycle of PANRE. I am also against the CAQ’s due to them not supporting general medical knowledge. Please reconsider these proposed changes!