To NCCPA From a PA in Michigan


Since completing your recent survey of those of us in the PA profession in regards to your proposed change to the certification and recert. process I have felt compelled to write you regarding the flawed survey instrument.

I found the tone of the survey insulting and highly slanted towards your intended outcome and definitely NOT unbiased. During my five year stint in academia in the early years of my career I was involved in numerous professional surveys, and if I had presented a draft of this survey to my department head I would have been reamed because of its obvious slanted nature. In addition, you did not include the “none of the above” option to those questions where the respondent was asked to choose between preferences. By excluding this option, you again slanted the results to match your expectations and desired outcome.

You should be ashamed to have published this survey for the profession to respond to such an important issue. By doing so, you have shown that can not be trusted. I was insulted by this survey.

James Brasseur, PA-C, MAHCA, DFAAPA