To NCCPA From A PA in Neurosurgery

I have been a licensed and certified PA for 13 years. I am writing this letter to again express my opposition of the new proposed PA recertification model. I work in specialty practice and have done so since graduation. I believe my PA education and overall general medical knowledge is what makes me a great specialist PA. As a PA in neurosurgery, I have learned ALL of my specialty knowledge through on-the-job training and by working side by side with surgeons. This experience has been enhanced by my own educational pursuits and from CME I choose. I see no need to change this going forward.

My generalist training has allowed me to also work part time as a Hospitalist. I perform these duties in addition to my full time Neurosurgical duties. Because I am generalist trained, I feel confident to change specialties or move into family practice.

I believe the proposed recertification model does not maintain the true nature and practice of PAs. As a PA in a specialty, I am still utilizing my knowledge of general medicine. I oppose the proposed requirements for specialty testing.
Finally, less than 1 percent of certified PAs hold CAQ specialty certification. I feel this is an indicator that the PA profession holds little value in obtaining this. Why is the NCCPA changing our recertification model to force PAs to take specialty exams? Could it be essentially mandate CAQ certification?

In summary, I oppose the new model.