To NCCPA From a PA in New York

First of all THANK YOU for:  An Assessment of the NCCPA Survey Gathering Feedback From Certified PAs on the Proposed New Recertification Model.  It speaks to my thoughts completely. I had not read it before I took the survey, but I had the same feelings and frustrations as I took it. Such logical fallacies at work!

I feel duped for taking that survey because I could not go back and change my answers. Then there was that constant comparison of two methods neither of which I agree with. I am writing to NCCPA to ask that my entire survey be struck from their data bases. At least I hope that my comments got through.

I’m not in Huddle, but I do participate in a few of the Facebook pages.  This is a version of what I said there…

I can’t believe they want to change things even more, we haven’t even competed one two-year cycle of the new model, which I don’t like either. The PI? Who’s got time to implement a big project at work? Or to surreptitiously watch their coworkers wash their hands?!  And the SA? I haven’t figured out how that is any different from some of the reg. CAT I CME … like the kind you did at the back of JAAPA. Wasn’t there a pre and posttest there? And don’t we regularly use audience response system at our conferences? Couldn’t we piggyback on that somehow to use that as SA?

Now they propose take home exams … up to several times a year! A test every 6 or 10 years is bad enough. Take homes are harder (with more “gotcha” questions) and would stress me for the whole 30 days or three months I had to complete it. Often one gets contradictory answers when researching them also.

For the record, I’ve been a PA for 27 years. Passed PANCE and then PANRE FOUR TIMES.