To NCCPA From a PA in Virginia

I am considered an academic by my colleagues and employers.  I am actively engaged in research, lecturing, conference planning and publishing.  This is on top of my regular responsibilities as a PA in orthopaedic surgery so I see patients, assist in surgery, care for athletes, cover football games, etc.

I was elated about the 10-year cycle process for the PANRE because I thought it would be fairer for working PAs.  I started logging in my credit for CME activities and found that all of my activities that required evidence based medicine preparation fell into Cat II.  These credits included:

-lectures for national, local conferences;

-publications, posters and research;

-lectures at national conference that provided SA credits to attendees

I filled out my form and received well over 50 Cat. II credits way before I was done with my activity logging.  I had over 120+ credits in Cat. I and II but absolutely no SA/ PI. And now this will require me to spend a great deal of money to complete my current requirements.  I agree there needs to be some control on what constitutes Cat. I CME but other groups allow for professional activities within Cat I activity.

I was most upset that I spent extensive amount of time and energy preparing an evidence-based presentation for a national meeting that awarded SA credits to attendees and I could only log it for Cat II activity.  It was an interactive program and I was the moderator, provided questions and list of references for the activity.

I strongly believe that academic activity (lecturing publishing, posters, etc. ) should also count towards Cat. I CME or we include all activities in the count and eliminate the SA/ PI requirements.  There are a large number of professionals who will not be able to complete these SA/ PI requirements because they do not have the patient population.  Looking into other provider’s databases would be a HIPPA violation and if they are not seeing clinical patients they cannot successfully complete a PI.

So, my proposal would be to eliminate the SA / PI requirements and revise the CME logging to allow for CME Cat I credits for the following activities.

Cat. I

A.   CME Conferences, approved courses, JAAPA

B.   Professional / Academic Activities

Speaker, panelist, primary author, secondary author for article, textbook or chapter, 5-10, up to 40 for text publication

C.   Coursework

5-10 credits for credit hour for academic courses at university setting/ or online

D.   Precepting  students

Cat II

A.   Conferences, lectures, journal reading, dinner meetings, all other non-Cat. I activities

Neither the current credentialing nor the new proposed system meets the needs for all PAs. The SA/ PI project adds QUANTITY but not quality work and does nothing to improve our knowledge in our relative fields.

I am starting my own business assisting surgeons in surgery so I will be unable to participate in the common SA/ PI programming.  What about those who are not in the traditional roles?

PAs understand their role in lifelong medical education and any individual who can endure the PA educational model and training is intelligent, responsible and committed to maintaining the credibility of our profession in medicine.