Update from the Joint Task Force on the Future of PA Practice

March 15, 2017

The following is an update from the Joint Task Force on the Future of PA Practice (JTF):

The JTF has been carefully reviewing all of the feedback we received from PAs and PA students, including comments provided on the survey, Huddle comments, letters and emails from constituent organizations and individual PAs, as well as feedback from more than 220 PAs at AAPA’s Leadership and Advocacy Summit in early March.

As a result, the task force is working hard to address, clarify and add context to the proposal. Among the points we plan to address are the following:

  • PAs should not be disadvantaged in the healthcare provider marketplace.
  • The proposal must be distinguished from “independent practice” and NP’s “full practice authority” in both name and content.
  • The proposal must communicate that PAs highly value PA-physician teams, even as we seek to eliminate the burdensome paperwork and liability issues involved in state-required supervisory agreements.
  • The proposal must recognize and reflect an understanding of PAs who are early career and those PAs who are in specialty practice or changing specialties.
  • The proposal must offer each state the flexibility to adapt to the political and marketplace environment in the state, and to move forward at its own pace.

Taken together, these points suggest that the proposal should be renamed to better reflect the goals of the initiative. So as the JTF works to finalize our recommendations to the Board and House of Delegates, we have decided to rename our proposal “Optimal Team Practice.”  The JTF believes this title more accurately reflects our intentions and is better aligned with the profession’s values. Our fuller explanation of the proposal will be reflected in the final JTF proposal, which will be completed by the March 17 deadline for submission of resolutions to the 2017 AAPA House of Delegates. We look forward to sharing this with you when it is officially released with the full package of resolutions.